Linaria vulgaris (Butter and Eggs)

Today, despite Art Fair temperatures and humidity, I decided to walk down to the Geddes Pond Dam.  The pathway has been closed for construction for the past few weeks and my curiosity got the best of me.  My daring was rewarded as I discovered one of my favorite invasive species, I mean wildflower, Butter and Eggs aka Yellow Toadflax was in full bloom all the way to the dam. The icing on the cake was several unexpected shots that came my way.  The Eastern part of Gallup Park does not have as many wildflowers as the Western pathway so I tend to spend more time heading West.

The Latin name for Butter and Eggs is Linaria vulgaris which is named after the father of binomial nomenclature, i.e. naming conventions for all living organisms, Carl Linnaeus.  Linnaeus was a Swiss botanist born in the early 18th century.  There are  so many flowers with similar or the same common names that we would be totally confused without Linnaeus’ visionary work.

Stewart Nelson, 2017 some rights reserved ©

The added bonus was spotting a deer on the opposite side of the river grazing in the water.  I know deer are controversial but in the proper place they are beautiful.  The doe appeared to be expecting.  I won’t show that shot! I love it when I find a deer without the floppy name tags on their ears!

Stewart Nelson 2017, Some rights reserved ©

Another bonus shot was a Gray Heron at work in the shallow near Concordia.


Stewart Nelson, 2017, Some Rights reserved.  ©

I can’t forget the junior ducks either as they were so cute.

Stewart Nelson, 2017, Some right reserved ©

All in all a great day!  In fact, I cant remember a day when I didn’t encounter some fauna as well as flora.

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