Cichorium intybus (White Chickory)

Blue Chickory normally would not be worth  even a mention but today I have a great story to tell you about it.  In my opinion, almost every wildflower in the park is a thing of beauty when carefully examined. Even blue Chickory you will notice is quite delicate. Blue Chickory however is so ubiquitous that I probably wouldn’t get around to blogging about it for a few years.  As a matter of fact, if blue Chickory was a human, it probably would be called Joe Smith or Fred  Jones, because it is so common.

I am sure you will recognize blue Chickory. (Please scroll down!)

White Chickory on the other hand is a truly rare find. I have been scouring Gallup Park looking for unique wildflowers for three years and I have never encountered a “white” Chickory wildflower.  See for yourself!  Next time they mow along the western pathway. This beauty will be mulch!

Photos by Stewart Nelson, 2017 some rights reserved.

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