Commelina communis (Asiatic dayflower)

What a great day in Gallup Park!  My wife Jan and I were beginning to think that these special flowers were not going to show this year as they are starting to bloom about a month late.   As the the name implies, these beautiful, true blue flowers only bloom for one day.  Luckily, they grow in a patch with 20 or 30 blossoms so we can expect almost a month of these flowers to bloom along the Westward Path towards the Fuller Park Bridge on the south side along the fence for the railroad tracks.  I am being a bit obfuscate here as I would hate to see someone try to give these flowers a better home than they already have.  (i.e. Snatch them! I understand they are great in salads also!)   

I hope to catch a few more photos in the next few weeks hopefully with more sunlight than today so I can get a a clearer picture to share with you.

One of the interesting thungs about Commelina is that the plant can absorb copper and some other heaving metals out of the soil.  Perhaps that is why they are growing alongside the railroad tracks that just might have had a spill or two on the tracks running between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti for over a hundred years.   photo by Stewart V. Nelson, 2017, Some rights reserved ©


  1. I “imported “ some of this years ago along with other plants from my mom’s yard. They can be invasive and show up all over our yard now. Blue flowers are my favorites because they are relatively unusual, but send anyone tempted to take a piece from the Arb to our house, I pull out hands full every week 😉Love your photos and your blog ! Is this a new passion or one you just recently found time for? Hugs!

    1. Thanks Susan. I meant to mention they are indeed invasive. Funny how they stay so confined to a very small patch in the Park. I started about 4 years ago with the hobby but first few years were with point & shoot iPhone camera and 2 yeRs ago I got in to more digital SLR stuff. Not as deep as Neal is but still pretty deep. I was worried that I didn’t have a hobby for retirement but that hasn’t worked out to be a problem because I am working more than ever it seems. I am writing a
      book on fundraising for startups, starting a blog and acting CEO for a chemical company, plus trying to get to Denver every month for the 3 year old out there that stole my heart! I can’t believe we have two more coming in the next 2 months.

      I may come pick some Commelina if it is still in bloom!

      Take care. stew.

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