Helenium autumnale (Asteraceae) Common Sneezeweed

Stewart Nelson, 2017, some rights reserved ©

Despite it’s name, Sneezeweed, doesn’t actually make you sneeze 🤧 because of its pollen.  The name is derived from “simpler times” when Sneezeweed was dried and added as an ingredient to make snuff.  Snuff was inhaled to make you sneeze forcefully to ward off evil spirits.  Seems appropriate that this is one of the last plants to bloom in Gallup Park in the fall. For those who might still use snuff, we are assured an ample supply of Sneezeweed for snuff users through Halloween 🎃 when we will have more evil spirits circulating around in the neighborhood.

Well, sure enough we have reached that time of year when I have run out of blooming wildflowers appearing in the park to share with you.   I do plan to circle back and post some flowers I missed in springtime and summer, but when they run out, I would like to keep my blog going with some great fall and winter photos in the park. I hope you will still visit. I walk in Gallup all winter and even when the snow flies I am amazed at the beauty that most of you will miss if you don’t bundle up and brave the elements or read my posts.

87BBD907-36A9-48BE-BE57-F2D4C78E5831 photo by Stewart Nelson, 2017, © some rights reserved

C501B1BE-F106-41A0-A7B7-165B3C0153D4.jpeg       photo by Stewart Nelson, 2017, © some rights reserved

What terrific fall weather we have had!  Seems like I have noticed more visitors to Gallup than usual for this time of year. Today,  Sunday, the park was almost too popular.  No doubt as the temperatures drop, the crowds will thin out and us die-hards can enjoy the peace and quiet.

Thanks for joining me.


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