Persicaria maculosa (Lady’s-thumb)

Persicaria maculosa (Lady’s-thumb) is found in virtually every state but is not native to North America, originating from Europe and Asia. This common wildflower also goes by the name Polygonum persicaria, Jesusplant and redshank. An interesting characteristic that distinguishes Persicaria maculosa form other varieties is the presence of a black smudge that almost looks like a fingerprint on the upper leaf surface. I don’t have a good picture of the mark but maybe as we move into warmer weather I will be able to get one for you.

Photos by Stewart Nelson, 2017, © some rights reserved

My sources say that the leaves of Lady’s-thumb plants are quite tasty. And add taste to a salad but don’t bring along much nutritional value. Of course, it is advertised in herbal web sites as a remedy for rheumatic pain and to stop bleeding and as an infusion to help relieve a stomach ache.

As the plant is listed as invasive in the Great Lakes region, perhaps we should all eat our share to help keep the plants confined. Pictured below is our subject along side of Stiff Goldenrod.

Photos by Stewart Nelson, 2017, © some rights reserved

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