Scilla Siberica (Siberian squill)

Siberian squill, Scilla siberica, is a hardy early spring member of the the hyacinth family. Its’ vivid blue coloring and durability (deer/vole resistant) make this a popular choice of gardeners for borders and under deciduous trees because it reaches peak coloring before the trees leaves fully develop and then dies back after the leaf foliage decreases the amount of sunlight reaching the ground.

Unfortunately, these same qualities that make it a survivor, make it hard to control and potentially very invasive! I notice many pleas online for gardeners NOT to plant this flower.

For some of us that is warning is too little — too late as the flowers “magically” appear in the spring, probably from bird droppings. I guess the message here is don’t be seduced by this little beauty. Keep it out of your garden and lawn (and more importantly, your neighbor’s lawn) by planting another early bloomer like myrtle or harebells.
Photo by Stewart Nelson, 2018, © Some rights reserved.

Photo by Stewart Nelson, 2018, © Some rights reserved.

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