Robina pseudoacacia (Black Locust)

I have focused on wildflowers in Gallup but in the spring when many trees start flowering, the temptation to include some of these beauties is irresistable.

Robina is an interesting tree as it is a tree native to Michigan and most of the U.S. but it listed as invaisive in most states because the tree is so durable it can easily dominate its’ habitat. I actually noticed that a Black Locust tree was planted by the City. Maybe the are unaware that it is a prohibited species? I like the tree personally.

The wood is extremely hard and over the years it has been used as railroad ties, furniture, fence posts and deck. It can be burned as firewood but tends to throw off sparks. The wood and bark is toxic to domestic animals and humans but many small rodents seem unaffected.

Photo by Stewart Nelson, 2018, ©️ Some rights reserved

Photo by Stewart Nelson, 2018, ©️ Some rights reserved

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