Lilium michiganense (Michigan lily)

Lilium michiganense, in full bloom on a July 7, 2018. Please take a stroll in Gallup to se this wildflower in person. Head west from the traffic bridge in Gallup 1/2 mile towards the bridge to Mitchell Field. About 100 yards before the bridge in the last wetland about 5 feet north of the path you will encounter this special flower.

Photo by Stewart V. Nelson, 2018, ©️ some rights reserved

It is hard to tell the difference between Michigan Lily, Canada Lily and Turk’s Cap. Near as I can tell Turk’s Cap mainly has yellow petals and sepals while Michigan and Canada Lily have more orange-yellowish petals. The biggest difference is that the anthers, organ at the end of the stamen on the Michigan lily is shaped like a hot dog while the Canada Lily is more club shaped. The petals and sepal are also more recurved than the other species. As the flower is still forming it is very hard to distinguish.

Photo by Stewart V. Nelson, 2018, ©️ some rights reserved

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