Cirsium vulgare (Bull thistle)

Cirsium vulgare, better known as Bull Thistle, is a weed for sure! Upon closer inspection, one can’t help but realize the beauty, ruggedness and structure of this weed take on greater significance than just being a nuisance. If the purpose of any organism , plant or animal, is to pass on your DNA to the next generation, Bull thistle is a resounding success. Evolution has made this champion of survival particularly suited for its environment.
Photo by Stewart V. Nelson, 2018 ©️ Some rights reserved

Once it has been fertilized, these flowers are capable of producing 100,000’s of seed s that scatter in even the slightest breeze and remain fertile for several years until conditions improve. Not being content with that mechanism for reproducing, if even the smallest amount of the root structures remain, it can re-establish itself very quickly.

Next time you see one popping up into your garden, take time to appreciate it…. before you pull it! Photo by Stewart V. Nelson, 2018 ©️ Some rights reserved

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