Walking Meditation

As a native Ann Arborite, I have long been aware of the charm and beauty of  our rivers, lakes and ponds all connected to the Huron River Watershed.  Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, a good portion of my free time was spent along the banks of the Huron River fishing or canoeing from Barton Pond to Geddes Pond (near the Dixboro Dam.  As I grew older most  my time in the park was spent jogging or biking and more recently walking.  Slowing down has enable me to appreciate more fully our natural surroundings and the almost transcendental experience it can offer us.

The idea and energy to offer this blog comes from my desire to make visitors to the Gallup, Ruthven and Furstenburg Parks, and the Border to Border Trail, “mindful” or aware of the beauty that is right in our backyard. For those of us lucky enough to visit the parks it is an opportunity that we must not miss and I hope to make your visit more meaningful. For those of you that are unable to experience this directly, it is an apt metaphor for slowing down and at the risk of being trite, “stopping to smell the roses.”  If we look for the beauty and good in our lives we can find it even if it means wondering off the path, looking up instead of down, under instead of past things and being aware or mindful in a nonjudgmental manner the phenomenons we will encounter.

(Rosa blanda) Photo by Stewart Nelson, 2017 ©